Paranoia will Destroy Ya- Whackadoodles

I’m sure many of you read my last post about celebrity suicide and the Illuminati.  If you haven’t, you can check it out here.  The comments from the very interesting people responding to my story inspired this post.  Paranoia has inspired these thoughts.


I wonder what some people do all day.

In case you didn’t infer that my discussion regarding the link between the recent number of famous suicides and the Illuminati was merely tongue in cheek, and mostly in jest, you have definitive written proof now, and I have plausible deniability (LOL).

It’s not my paranoia by the way, it’s the paranoia of the general public, and the strange, strange comments and responses I got, mostly from California.  Who is surprised?

This person completely missed the point:

“what?? that’s it??? i know all about the illuminati the symbolisms & such. so,finish your thoughts plz…..”

Alright, my final thoughts are that I was trying to justify fatal depression amongst the rich and famous (to myself) with a ridiculous theory, mostly in jest.  You are going to have to visit a website that actually specializes in such discussion for more detail.  Did you read any of my other posts?  I write about gardening and bikers.  Thank you for your patronage.

This one blew my mind:

“Interesting as my husband at the time committed suicide it was 1975 although he didn’t hang himself I will never know the main reason but I don’t believe that he committed suicide but I’ll never know”

I won’t lie, that comment made me very sad for her, and it was difficult to read due to the lack of punctuation.  But I can respond this way:  I certainly was not saying that all suicides were caused by the New World Order.  Maybe read the story again.  I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for playing.

And of course there was good old Facebook, I’ve been using it to do some marketing and it’s been working.  I vow to do better at choosing my audience next time.  I can’t have all the whack-a-doodles following me.

“I just shared it just in case they try and tamper with this post.”

Thanks, I think?

This is the best one.  I should have her write a guest blog post.

“If the membership is secret, how do you know that the people that you said (like Madonna, Jackson, etc.) we’re members. I believe that the Illuminati is a perhaps sinister group (along with Free Masons, Skull and Bones and others). Having personal experience (and negative results) I can tell you that being a member on the lowest levels or what they call”degrees” it starts out with all this stuff about doing good, charity’s, and “benevolence” but as you go up in “degrees” I believe there is something sinister. I can’t prove it, but there is evidence. They have secret hand signs, writings, closed meetings, etc. They keep a very close eye on all their books. I got in SERIOUS TROUBLE trying to investigate them as a member and was terminated and PROSECUTED. So I just gave away information that I was sworn to keep secret. If something happens to me, well you will know why! If this comment is taken down or removed I guess it would only confirm that they are indeed SINISTER. Not that the their lower degree members even know and not that they even joined because of the SINISTER side of these groups. This is the first time I have spoken out loud about my experience with one of their groups (THE ODDFELLOWS). There is parallel motives in these groups I believe. Good and Evil I believe.”

SMH.  That’s a lot of information.   Also if this comment is taken down or removed it will be because I took it down.  The Illuminati does not control my blog site, nor do they control my blog’s facebook page.

At least this lady read one other post of mine as well.  She read the one about my Grandma and potato bugs.  You can read that one here if you like.

Here is her response to the story of how potato bugs remind me of gardening with my grandma.

“When I was young I used to save ROLLY POLLY’S when I found them in the garden or in my house…”

Save them from a certain death?  Save them for later? I’m confused.

I have learned my lesson.

I’m being too harsh with my new found readership, this I know.

These people that voluntarily read my post and were touched enough to comment on it do not deserve to be judged this way.

I truly do thank them for their participation, as they have made me look long and hard at my intended audience.

As a bright spot in all of this, I guess I’m more normal than I thought.

Either way, thanks people who think strange things (I’m looking at you California), for making my blog numbers stellar last week.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


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