Celebrity Suicide and the Illuminati – Anthony Bourdain et al

What is with the celebrity suicide phenomenon?


I touched on this in a facebook post the other day and it wasn’t enough to make me stop thinking about it.  Thus the blog, my secondary outlet for puking out my feelings, a crass term I know, but somehow it is exactly what I mean.

Let’s start with the most recent event and move backwards from there.

Anthony Bourdain

I loved the guy, from afar, and not like a stalker.  🙂

He was finally living a career that I would actually call a dream job.  He had two television shows, and on both of them he traveled the world, absorbed the culture and ate the food.  His whole job was to share these experiences with the world, and he did a great job at it.  I am currently so obsessed that I have been streaming “No Reservations” all day.  He was brilliant at it.  Some would say it’s a lonely life, but he had an entire crew that traveled with him, I doubt that they were not like a family.

He was outspoken and friendly, he had a great Twitter.  He was so very sarcastic and witty.

He had a famous girlfriend and said recently that he had never been happier in his life.  In fact he said that he didn’t even think it was possible that he could be as happy as he found himself lately.

He had an 11 year old daughter.

As his reward for all of his hard work, he had worldwide recognition and loads of money.

He was days short of his 61st birthday when he was found in a hotel in France, hung in the bathroom by the belt of his bathrobe.  He left no note.

Even more odd about the scenario, is that he was midshoot on a new episode.  Weird timing.

Weird situation.   Was he selfish or was he murdered?  He did not leave a note.

Kate Spade

Kate was a famous designer, primarily known for her handbags and accessories.  She had sold the brand and had recently launched another “Frances Valentine”.  While it is known that she suffered from depression and her marriage was falling apart, she was on the rise again.  She had a 13 year old daughter.

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 09: (2L) Designer Kate Spade with daughter Beatrix Spade (L),

She too hung herself, but she left a note addressed to her daughter.  The note said that it was not the daughters fault and to ask her Dad what had happened.  Hmmmmmmm

Cris Cornell

You all know him, he was one of the most brilliant musicians of our (my) generation.

He was the lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave.  He was an incredibly talented songwriter and had a voice that could reach into your soul.  He was a philathropist of the highest level, creating a music therapy program for handicapped children in Seattle and spoke out against drug addiction.

And though my Rooster and I were both great fans already, we were even more enamored with him because he wrote and sang one of the theme songs of our home “Rooster”.

He had been a drug addict, like most of the grunge singers of the 90’s and along with Eddie Vedder was one of the only ones left.  He had been sober since 2002.

When Cris Cornell died in May of 2017, he was found to have multiple drugs in his system, and of course because you have sensed  a trend, hung himself, in the bathroom of his hotel room.  He had just finished a concert and was in the middle of a tour.  He had three kids under the age of 18.

He did not leave a note.

Why would he have done that?

I know that I am going to get a lot of comments detailing depression, mental illness, drug abuse, etc.  These are all valid points.

I would also like to add at this point that I think that suicide is very selfish.  When people take their own lives, it is a standard thing to point out that maybe they were just in so much pain…….  killing themselves was the only way out.

But I agree with those that say suicide is only a transfer of the pain, cowardly and selfish.

I would also argue that those people that I have mentioned above had access to the very best in mental help if it was needed.  These people had handlers and bodyguards, personal assistants, more money than you could spend, multiple homes, luxury and as much love as anybody else.

I also argue that of all the ways to kill ones-self (hypothetically of course, suicide is something I would never ever consider), hanging is by far one of the most horrible ways (in my mind).  It would be easy to fail and hurt yourself horribly.  It seems like an archaic method, like the electric chair.    I always thought hanging was reserved only for bad guys and witches.

And with all three cases above, wouldn’t it be easier to just take a whole bunch of pills?  Certainly they all had access to them.

Let’s switch gears over to conspiracy shall we?  You knew that this was coming.  Has anyone ever heard of the Illuminati?

I’m going to sum it up below, but in case you have no idea, click here for a decent article that helps to explain who they are, or at least who they are rumored to be.  And by the way, if something weird happens to me next, you know who to blame.

The general rumor is that joining the Illuminati is much like selling your soul to the devil, and that many of our modern day celebrities (Jay Z, Madonna), and politicians (Trump) are members.  Michael Jackson (Hmmmm), The Royal Family (Princess Di), The Kennedys (JFK) and even certain church leaders are said to belong.  The literally are the “New World Order” and they are said to have existed since the time of Christ.

Their symbol is on our money.

You get fame and fortune, you get beauty and respect.  You get a limited amount of time and you must do their bidding.  You must keep your membership secret attend meetings and I am sure they have a strict code to abide by that I cannot pretend to know (hear that Illuminati, I am no threat, I don’t really even know stuff).

Anyway, my theory is that all of these celebrities and more I have not named somehow crossed the Illuminati and were punished, or simply ran out of time on their soul selling gig.

And because the Illuminati is responsible and because they are so vain there would be a common thread linking the incidents, thus the hanging.

Maybe it’s a leap, and maybe I’m trying to justify to myself the actions of the spoiled and selfish with a conspiracy theory.

And maybe the Illuminati are responsible.

Just saying.  🙂


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