This Post is 33% Poop

You did read that right…..  33% Poop, and you clicked on it anyway.  I guess it’s not really my business though, if you like to read about poop.


In five or so seconds, you will likely be disappointed, because the poop I’m talking about is Chicken Poop.  Actual Chicken Poop.

It’s garden time everybody!

For those of you not in the know, I am a garden master.  It is my most favorite seasonal activity, and I’m running just a little late this year.  Darn Vacations, lol.

Sunday, I finished getting all the little weeds and rocks and those DAMNED BLACKBERRIES out of my big giant dirt square.

She’s no baby garden anymore, she’s 33′ x 21′, thanks to last year’s expansion efforts.  Here are the before and after photos, just to prove I’m no slouch.

Winter Leftovers, or as we say in the “Biz”, BEFORE
Today’s Garden View, or if you prefer my alternate title “AFTER”

You will notice in the “After” photo that there appears to be a plant in the very center.  That plant is very lucky to have survived the onslaught and is hereby declared the mascot of the 2018 garden.  It’s a yellow onion left from last year.  He survived the winter and for that he will be allowed to try the summer.

Also in the lower lefthand corner of the “After” photo, you will notice a spattering of plants.  The Rogue broccoli is back with a vengeance!  This is fine, since we love broccoli.

The astute among you will notice that the back fence was literally covered in blackberries in the “Before”photo.  What a freaking chore it was to get rid of those.

I would like to take this moment to give a huge shout of THANKS out to my Honeybear (you may know him as my Rooster), who selflessly volunteered to dispose of those chopped down blackberries for me.  Not only did he handle those poky little devils, it only took him two heaping trips.  I would have been tossing those minions of satan over the fence all damn day, not to mention the scratches and bleeding and whining that would have occurred.

Cheers to you Babe!  A more appropriate (less public) thank you is coming your way!

These other people did not help, nor do they particularly care about my garden, but they love a good toast!

You’re wondering about the Poop aren’t you?  Here I go promising a post about Poop and so far there isn’t even a toot, let alone a Poop.


The next stage of prepping my garden for summertime glory is the addition of Poop Dirt.  My Rooster discovered the perfect mix for maximum growth last summer and he not only volunteered to go get it again this year, he seemed almost eager.

He is the only person in this world that I have ever seen excited about going to pick up a load of Poop Dirt.  Aside from myself of course, yet another reason that I love him.

Yesterday he took the dump trailer to G & L Bark and Supply right near our house in Spanaway and picked up three yards of the finest Poop Dirt this side of Wapato Lake.  🙂

I’m even going to give away the secret.  My special recipe Poop Dirt is 2/3 Mushroom Mix, straight from the Ostrom Mushroom Farms and 1/3 Chicken Compost.  And that folks is your 33% Poop.

Tonight it will get dumped on my garden, and sometime in the very near future it will be tilled in by none other than my very own Rooster.

I cannot begin to thank him enough for all he does to help me with my garden, it’s as if he knows it’s very important to me.  🙂

Then the fun will really begin, and the next thing you know, it will be growing and producing veggies as well as it does (or better) every year.

Last year’s garden in prime time!

I am so excited!

Today’s Moral….

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”

It’s not just a colloquialism.  It’s true fact.
Happy sunny day everyone!


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