Struggling with the worldwide web

Some of you may have noticed that there has been a lack of posts for much of a year here on DangergirlLives.


My website was deleted from the server of my host company over an unpaid $15.00 invoice that I never received.

Unfair….. yes, in my mind, but business is business right?  Well, needless to say, they lost my business.  Then I paid another to recover what they could out of the wayback archives.  I lost about half of my blog posts.  The ones lost to the ages, well they will just have to be lost.  🙁

This post is merely to announce that DangergirlLives is back in business, but the COVID story (coming later today) has made the living not quite as exciting, as you all well know.  

Last but not least.  The very rude deletion of my website caused me to lose all of my comments and subscribers.  I won’t get the comments back (but you can still add new ones), and I hope that you’ll resubscribe.  🙂

Next up, my take on our experiene with COVID 19.  🙂  

Please subscribe.  

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