Mom versus Party Girl

Here at the Hen House, we have a lot of catchphrases.


One of my personal favorites is, “I am a real person!”  It’s because I am, and so are you, so please feel free to appropriate the phrase if you wish.  🙂

There are the regular ones everyone’s household has, “Riiight?” and “Whatever….”

There are some non-sensical ones, like “It is what it isn’t”.

There are funny ones, “It’s only gay if you push back!”  And “It’s only weird if you make it weird.”

Today I want to talk about a new catchphrase in our house.

“Why is Mom here?  I invited Party Girl.”

Sigh…….  Perhaps I am becoming schizophrenic in my old age, because I am Mom.  I am also Party Girl.  It is a pleasure to acquaint myself with you all, in both of my forms.

I first heard this phrase over Memorial Day Weekend, and twice since.  Admittedly, if I’m going to be called Mom, it’s when we’re getting ready for an RV trip.  The RV life is new to us and I just want us to be prepared, especially when we have no idea what kind of services will be available to us.

I have to bring every possible food and drink, and all of the clothing and sleeping items that could be imagined.  I check that the non perishables that are always on board haven’t been pilfered by us, in an at-home parked moment of weakness.  I want to know that the towels were put back and the laundry bag is on board.  I check to see if there are garbage bags, chili and boxed macaroni and cheese.  I check the liquor closet.  I make sure that the bedding that was washed has been put back in case we have unexpected overnight guests.  It happens.

In that moment (who are we kidding, in that many hours and sometimes a couple of days), I agree that I am Mom, a Mom that is required to do the prep work for a successful RV trip (so I think).

My Honeybear, the M word thrower, is Mom himself during the pre-trip, ok, he’s Dad, but still.  He fills up the water, the gas cans, the propane tank, checks the fluids, the lights and the trailer brakes and blinkers.  He is the ultimate in focused working men.  He really is.  The difference is that he can bring on the “Rooster” in the blink of an eye.

Here Comes the Rooster!

I admit that when the phrase first came to be, Mom had carried on a bit too far and I was kind of uptight.  Party girl should have come out by then.  We were on the road, and on our last pick up before hitting the open road.

Like I said before, it has happened since then too.

However, instead of being all cranky and upset about it, I’ve decided that’s it’s a good catchphrase.

Let’s be honest here, there are different times and situations for each of my personalities, and at this time, to defend my own future craziness, I’m not going to admit that Party Girl and Mom are the only two that exist, but it is arguable that they are the only two that ever make it out in public 😉

I am grateful for both of those personalities.  Mom has got to get things done.  Who do you think does the laundry, the dishes and mops the floor?  Who goes to the grocery store and cooks our meals?  Who do you think packs the bathroom bags for Sturgis, and makes sure the electricity bill and both of our medical insurance accounts are paid?

Party Girl pays the cable bill.  She also goes to the grocery store, she is responsible for alcohol, cookies, ice cream and most of our potluck dishes.  She, of course, is Party Girl so she goes to the bar, to Sturgis, fishing, crabbing, shrimping, riding.  She is so freaking awesome, it’s no wonder that people would rather have her around.  There are so many more pictures of her.

Who do you think goes to work?  OK, maybe there is a third personality there, “Slave to the Dollar”, but both Mom and Party Girl have gone to work on occasion, that’s for sure.

My primary work objective, tourbooks.

I wonder who grows all the plants and is obsessed with the green house and garden?  Who writes my blog?


I know that you have grown accustomed to me making a moral statement (usually) on my blogs,  it turns out that this one has grown into a successful counseling session for myself.

No longer will I be irritated by “Why is Mom here?  Where is Party Girl?”

I need to be both of them, all of them.  Our adventurous, working, real life lifestyle depends on it.  I just need to make the transitions go more smoothly.

Here’s to real life, manageable, welcome schizophrenia.

Love to all of you……… From ???????????

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