A Witchy Moment (Quickie)

Today at work I got caught in a private witchy moment.


I had to start and finish a tourbook today, a one day project.  Normally I would have several days, if not a week to create a tourbook, but those usually have many, many more pages.  Today, it was a small one no doubt.  Just three cities with two sites.  Fourteen, 11 x 17 pages of pure magic.

Zoomed out aerials of Gig Harbor, Burlington and Spokane Valley.  Containing all of the larger retailers, clearly labeled with company logos, and on the street there are traffic counts.  Don’t worry, I keep stock copies.    Zoomed in aerials of the six blocks around the store we are pinpointing.  Demographics, rent comps and major details present.  In brilliant technicolor, with photos and site plans.  Published electronically (emailable), highly zoomable, and also published on paper that they can hold (people like that), bound with covers and dividers.  Impressive really, I love my job.  Despite all that, I just have to say…….   I am a miracle worker.

At the very end of the day (3:45 pm, how spoiled am I?) we were still missing rent comps in Gig Harbor, but we were otherwise ready for publication.

Tony (agent du jour, owner of said client and tourbook), finally brought me the magical missing information.

As I tried to switch pages on my computer, there was a delay, likely because I always seem to have 7 programs and 17 internet windows open at the same time.

Tony was leaning on the corner of my desk perusing the Business Examiner.  I paid him absolutely no mind and did a quick nose wrinkle witchy move (a la Bewitched) with much intent,  toward my computer.

It worked, everything snapped back up to speed.

I was focused on the final page, moving things around, trying to make the rent schedule fit in where it should go…..

“What was that twitch?” Tony asked with concern in his voice.

“OH”, I said looking up at him, ” I was trying to witch my computer back to life”, clearing my throat, “it worked”.

I may have even blushed, Tony is a staunch Jesus man, and while I am also totally a Jesus girl, I had just explained that I was casting spells on my computer.

Luckily, Tony IS a man and he went another way with it.  He said, “Oh Good, because there are no medical emergencies allowed at the office.”

I could not help but smile, although then I explained to him that if we had a medical emergency at the office, there is a doctor just around the corner that someone should retrieve, while also calling 911 of course.

He’s a pretty sharp guy though, that Tony, I bet he’s praying for my soul right now.


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