There are exciting changes afoot…..

Times, they are a changin’.  I think there’s a song that goes like that.  If there isn’t (of course there is), there should be.


You see, I’ve been struggling with this blog for a while.  Content is tantamount, right?  You try finding something exciting to write about all the time!  Well, that’s what my spam commenters are always trying to tell me, ahem… sell me.

I know that you never see those kinds of comments (stalker), because I have full reign over comments being published or not.  That’s also why sometimes you don’t see your comments appearing right away, or ever.  It’s a literary license that I take, courtesy of my hosting service, in the loosest internet-y sense.

There have been altogether too many posts about fun times with no substance, and way too many memorials.  There’s another memorial post that needs to be written, and I will be writing it soon, but can everyone just please settle down and stay alive for a bit?

I also would like my blog to earn money, a journey that I began a few months ago in a partnership with Google Ad Sense.  It’s a loose partnership as I don’t like those sketchy looking ads and they don’t like to pay big money.

For the record I have earned a whopping $0.72 to date and there is no rhyme or reason for it.  I’m not necessarily trying to get rich off of it, I’m much more satisfied with the thought of my words reaching the world, but can’t a girl get her domain and hosting fees paid for?  Sheesh.

All of that changed today while I was not working at work.

I was surfing the net for other blogs.  I like to read other people’s blogs for perspective and for ideas, and I found a great one today.

Now don’t go switching over to that one, but please do read it if you like.  It’s very good.  It’s so good in fact that if you want to read it, you will need to copy and paste that web address.  Click away, internet fans, it is not a link.

Please expect to see the following changes in the super near future.  (i.e. immediately)

  1.  Product reviews and boos.  Here at the Hen House, we are almighty consumers and there is no reason not to share our preferences.  Be prepared for brand, store, product, cooking and cleaning rants and raves.  It will be like Oprah’s Favorite Things, but not Oprah’s, mine.  And we all know that I know better than Oprah.  LOL
  2. Reviews and photos of places we go.  Why shouldn’t people be able to know and see those places.  I did a fair job of Vegas, but were there photos of the theaters, the food, or the carpet?  No there were not, don’t bother looking.
    What if you want to visit, need to know if it’s expensive, or what if those Vegas people want to pay me to link up the review, or a magazine wants me to run around and report?  hmmmmmmm
    P.S.  It isn’t about money, it’s about notoriety, but don’t they often go hand in hand?  I offer you as much time as you need to ponder.
  3. Linky Linky, I promise you this, there will be links to the places and products, and I’m even toying with an idea of a weekly linkly post of articles and websites I adore.
  4. More posts in general.  We are talking structure here people.  Rather than allowing Google Ads to rule, I will be looking forward to brand endorsements (Never fear, I cannot be bought by ne’er do wells) and free travel in exchange for reviews.  I’m shooting for at least 3 times a week, so watch out for your in-boxes to be filled with “new blog post” notifications.  As an aside, please continue to subscribe.  I promise to entertain and enlighten.

With these small tweaks I hope that dangergirllives will become a more popular, less sad place.  I am super excited to make all of this happen.  Please bear with me in this time of rebirth and renewal.

There will still be posts of random musings and special beautiful events.  I hope to avoid writing too many super talented obituaries, but those will continue as necessary.

I need to develop a cute rating system.

Your thoughts on the rating system and anything you would like to suggest as a topic are welcome as comments, remember though, I do hold the golden dagger on their publish-worthiness, and I do read them all.

Welcome friends and fasten your seatbelts!

First up on the new blog format, Jeep Renegade and Tacoma Dodge, will it be a yay or a nay?

Stay tuned Dangergirl lovers.  We are going on a new adventure!

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