Society Is So Disappointing

  1. 1.
    the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.
    “drugs, crime, and other dangers to society”
    synonyms: the community, the (general) public, the people, the population

Society has become so disappointing to me.  I’ve been thinking all morning about writing an upbeat, New Year focused article for this the advent of Dangergirllives 2019.

Instead, I get into the elevator at work and see a Swastika carved into the wall of the elevator paneling, and it’s big, the size of your head at least, on eye level.

Someone had a plan to do this, our office building is only three floors high.  They likely had just enough time to scratch it in.

And the first thought I had about it was, who in the world would do such a thing?

Before you ask, I do not work in the ghetto.  I work in a professional office building in hoity-toity Gig Harbor, Washington.

And yet even here, in this building full of uber nice people and offices full of lawyers and accountants and medical professionals, someone would deem themselves a high enough priority, a voice of the people, that they are willing to desecrate the walls of the elevator with such a symbol of hatred.

That simple act of scratching on the elevator wall has led me into a blog rant.  I have been obsessed with it for over an hour now and even took the stairs back down to the bottom floor so that I could take the picture you see above (I didn’t have my phone with me on the first trip).

I am likely doing this awful person a favor by spreading his message.  Even knowing that, I cannot stop.

I am embarrassed.  I don’t want my co-workers or clients to see it.  I don’t want to see it.  I bet that by tomorrow morning, if not before, there is at the very least, some sort of building wide notice about door locking, etc cleverly posted over the offending image.

I am disappointed and I am angry.  Not as angry as the owner of the building, the property management team and most especially, Miguel, the maintenance guy, who will likely be the one to have to deal with replacing the panel, because it cannot be erased, it is scratched in like a gaping wound, on this our Society.

Just like I don’t want to have to ship my packages to my office because someone will steal them off of my front porch.  And I don’t want to shop at my neighborhood Safeway because some horribly drug addled person will beg me for money and throw up at my feet (it happened, I kid you not).

I don’t want to watch the news to see the shootings, drug related deaths, or even our own President making a mockery of our Union and our Country for all the world to watch on repeat.

I am tired of Society’s sewer rats.  I know that our leaders and infrastructure are trying to deal with these problems, but how?  They are catering to them.  They are giving homes and free money and drug treatment out right and left (at least that might help).  Yet the problems seem to be getting worse.

Who is to blame?  Is it the parents who were too lenient and spoiled the children that grew up into entitled, ruined adults?  Is it the education system for letting too many misbehaving kids slip into the cracks, promoting them on for the sake of getting them out of their hair?  Is it me and people like me, for putting them down and being ashamed and removing them from my view of what society should be?  Is it the party and drug lifestyle that is promoted from the teen years that people can’t escape?  Is it big Pharma?

*Sigh*, I need to get rich and buy an island.  Then I can people it with whomever I want.

Maybe this is the year that my blog takes off and I finish my book.  Maybe this is the year that we finally decide to go off the grid for good.  Maybe this is the year I take the leap into politics (although I fear that I will be even more jaded by society in a venture like that).

I challenge you this year, this newly minted, fresh off the boat 2019.  I challenge you to be a good person, a better person.  I challenge you to be responsible, to be an example to others and to join forces with those of us out in the world that want to make it a better place.

I challenge you.


9 Replies to “Society Is So Disappointing”

  1. True words. Our society is disgusting. I am ashamed at how much hatred there is. As for me and my house, we accept the challenge.

  2. It is a degenerative State we are living in right now.
    There needs to be a war against illegal drugs!
    Fair/required training programs that will offer free temporary housing for the homeless while attending.
    There has to be a reason why the homeless pick your community to squat on.. Lets not make it totally free. It isn’t for us!
    As far as the symbol in the wall, someone has a serious problem with finding where they belong in society.
    Ignorance is scary..It’s like a disease that spreads among the lost.

  3. Sorry that that person has no respect for others and had distracted you from your initial focus. Maybe it is the end times for real and evil is placating our world. Everything you pointed out shows the concerns of many of our present state. But I caution you and everyone, stay focussed on kindness and love and turning the other cheek, for everything will get worse before it gets better. Try not to judge so harshly or give attention to anger. By remaining strong and maintaining the value for life, it will give every one who loses their way a direction to look and a path to follow. Simply by your example, it will give hope.

    1. Ok, I’m going to try to take up your gauntlet and make this a better year by contributing better, more positive thoughts and deeds, but crap, it’ll be difficult. I’m definitely cutting back on my FB and news watching time; I get so angry it colors my attitude about people and my country as a whole. I won’t promise, I’m not the best at changing bad habits, but Joy girl, I’ll try!

  4. What you say is absolutely true and sadly relevant but please don’t let your wonderfully exuberant outlook on life change. You and Rooster are proof that there are yet good loving and caring people in the world. The bad ones just get more news coverage.

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