It’s really about time I write a new blog about Saving the Church.

To tell you the truth, I was brought into this group as a Director almost like rolling down a hill, it happened that fast, at the moment my first church blog went crazy.  I want nothing less than to Save Holy Rosary Church.  I accepted that challenge, because I am very, very passionate about Holy Rosary Church.  And to that group I belong, have allegiance and have grown accustomed to interrupting my daily life to make sure it carries on.

I bet you want to know that Saving the Church is still on my front page.  It is.  That Church is important to me Dammit.

The group that I have joined is full of Engineers and Architects,  it’s full of generations of Holy Rosary Parish and School families that are Contractors.  It’s full of career fundraisers.  It’s full of people that have tended to that building for 50 years.  It’s full of everything we need to save the church, it’s full of Parishioners of Holy Rosary, it’s full of old timers who just want the church reopened, just like I do.

There have been meetings.  Several.  I have scads of further information, I bet you want to know.

Things are arranged (nearly) now.  We have a state recognized charity.  There is a City of Tacoma Business License.  There is a bank account!  Things take time.  We have an IRS 501c3 pending, for those large donors.

We were all worried.  Those of us that met for the first time at Seven Seas Brewery in Tacoma could hardly communicate due to noise.  The one thing that came through, was the stomach based grinding feeling that letting Holy Rosary Church fall down was not acceptable.

7 weeks later, it is still unacceptable, it will always be unacceptable.  We have had a phone conference with the Seattle Archdiocese, the owner of Holy Rosary Church.  We have friends in the Parish Council.  Most of us have been to Mass in the lunchroom at the school, and the funny thing is, that those of us that went to mass in the lunchroom, were those of us that used to eat lunch in that lunchroom.

The fight at this point, is whether or not the Archdiocese allows us to raise funds to fix the church.

I know……..  Let’s look at in residential terms.  It’s their house.  They own it.  If they want to let it fall down, then that is their right.  But they are frightened  by the media, and even more by the people.   We will not let it fall down!

We offered to raise the money that they need to fix their house, and their answer was, what if you don’t raise enough?  What if we raise $1 more than you are able to raise yourselves?  What if we can save that church?  What if we can realize our goal….. pffffffft what if we can’t raise enough…….

It’s still going to be your house…………   That the people want to fix.  I just want to say (on a side note), if we raise $5M is that not a significant nest egg for your house fixing?  We don’t want to buy it (But we will if we have to).

I guess I just don’t get it (common theme).   If my house needs to be fixed, and strangers want to fix it, and it will still be my house, why ask questions?

What we are up against next is a timeline.  On or about April 30th, the Archdiocese will present to the parish council their intentions.  On or about May 15th, they will present to the Parish and anybody else (i.e. all of us) their findings and decisions.

I haven’t given up.  I will never give up.  That Church, that Holy Rosary Church that you see from the freeway will be standing, and it will be open for Baptism, for Marriage, for Confirmation, for Worship, for Confession.

Donation buttons and options to participate are forthcoming.

In the mean time.  If you want to be on the email list, or if you want to take part in saving this historic monument and all that it stands for and all that it can be in the future, please email with the subject SUBSCRIBE, you will know everything.

And before you attack the Archdiocese, know that they have to worry about the viability  of the church and the parish before they invest in saving it.


Look here for fundraising news in the very near future.

4 Replies to “SAVE THE CHURCH!!!”

  1. You’re a rock star Joy! I’m praying hard for your cause! I understand the love and loyalty to a home church very well! God bless your beautiful soul ❤

  2. Wow, on one hand, saving the church is a big undertaking. on the other, it’s a joyful undertaking. PRAY for CLARITY for the owners and for the parishioners. And ask all to be faithful that whatever happens is what needs to happen for God’s WILL to happen.
    Best wishes for you. That church is awesome.

  3. The Archdiocese is sweating out their own errors (clergy scandals). Their overall collections are down and they are pushing for the dollars. Smart to file for a 501 c3. The church cannot restrict you that way. What you do with the funds is your business, providing you follow IRS rules. But remember, the Diocese can retaliate by not assigning a priest. If that happens; then what do you do? I pray for all of you. In the meantime all are welcome up the hill at St. Joseph’s. Check the Triduum schedule on our website. And remember we do the TLM only .

  4. Keep up the good work, its totally worth saving! So the church is registered as an Historical monument? Many of these are spared from distruction because of the registry. Lovely church!

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