Hooray!  I’m back!  The resurgence is real.

RESURGENCE:  renewal, revival, recovery, comeback, reawakening, resurrection, reappearance,reemergence, regeneration

As a celebration, let’s take a look at my garden, shall we?

This is my favorite planter. Notice the new little mushroom guys taking up residence. CUTE!

In every resurgence, there is a renewed sense of life and livelihood, and in this instance, a whole new inhabitant.  Over the past few weeks this planter seemed doomed.  The daisies were gone, the little red beauties too.  Sure enough though, with some sunlight, and a little too much water (thus the shrooms), it’s back and better than ever.  JUST LIKE ME.

This is Lucy, she is of the Jack o’Lantern variety of Pumpkins




My first cabbage, I am a proud mama.
The corn is doing exceptionally well, in case you were wondering, it really likes growing against the concrete wall.
It’s a pea growing extravaganza!
The beans are doing well. I should have bushels of them next week. How big is a bushel anyway?
I just cannot get enough of these gorgeous fuschias. They make hot tubbing fun. Nah, the hot tub makes itself fun.
My second favorite flowers. They are such beautiful daisies. And as a bonus they have been blooming for two months, with no signs of stopping, now that’s my kind of flower!




































































I love my garden so much, and the best part is that right now it’s at my very favorite stage.  It is fully in bloom and I’m just beginning to harvest.  It follows the summer, now also in full swing.

Just a reminder of when it was just the beginning…….




I have since done some weeding, but that is a lot of farm fresh produce right there!Today’s moral, Never Give Up.  You will find that just when you think that things are horrible, that the bleak sadness that can overtake you is here to stay, you suddenly get a good night’s sleep, regain your routine and see the beauty in everyday things.






Well, my garden is not an everyday thing, but it is to me, I see it everyday. I hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for sharing in my renewed happy mood about life.

Hang in there.  It’s going to get better, whatever it is.  Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to head on outside and pick me some peas, and a cabbage.  It’s veggie time.

Enjoy your day!

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    1. Sometimes the elements can beat us down – causing withering, lack of growth and everything you mentioned, then some. I saw your blossom photos come to life and I can relate. i relate with the garden and with you…..what a wonderful and glorious time and thanks for sharing and recognizing true times to cherish.

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