Privacy- In a World of Vast Available Knowledge

Privacy.  Privacy isn’t what it used to be.


Privacy used to be something that everyone had, that everyone was granted just by virtue of being somewhere alone, or with loved ones that wanted to keep the days happenings for their own memories.  Privacy was literally translated to keeping ones mouth shut.

Privacy used to be something people accused journalists and public records officials of giving away willy nilly.  Public records be damned, no one wanted their information available for the asking.

Privacy has gone the way of the dinosaurs now.  Want something kept private?  You will need to keep it off of your Facebook and out of the way of others who might share on their own social media accounts.  You still fear public records, and even more so, because now you don’t have to go stand in line at the County office, now you can pay $1.50 on the internet and have those documents at your fingertips in a flash.

Privacy isn’t even in our own homes anymore.  It’s especially not there if you have a laptop with a little camera, or if you use Alexa, or the Google Home devices.  There is even a rumor that your privacy can be breached by your Smart TV.  Damn our government for spying on us.  Blame it on the 14 year old hackers out there.

You would think that with the vast general knowledge that Google provides at the mere tap of a keyboard that people would be more apt to guard their privacy, to value it higher than ever.

Gone are the days of protesting the media and marching on the courthouse.  Say hello to the days of the shoulder shrug.

We have traded our everyday privacy for the ability to type anyone’s name into Google and see their Facebook, their Instagram, their online activity, their family portrait and any great or horrible things that they have ever accomplished.

We are safer for it.

I also, by virtue of Google, know that your favorite color is blue, you drive a mini-van and you yearn for a Maserati.  I know you have two kids and struggle to find and keep a stable relationship.

I don’t need to know these things about you.  But I just cannot, I cannot not Google.

Technology has changed our world.

Our President, Mr. Trump, who I do not care for by the way, made one decision during his presidency thus far that I wholeheartedly agree with.  He is not broadcasting our military plans to the people because he knows that the enemy and friends of the enemy are watching, they are reading, jeez they are even hacking into databases to find out our next move.

This lack of privacy is so boring.  There is a decidedly smaller amount of spontaneity.  There are fewer surprises.  There is less danger in the realm of uncertainty, and yet oh so much more danger in exposure.

This my friends, is evolution in the flesh.  This is what we wanted and what we have made for ourselves.

And for as much complaining about privacy as I have just done, I will not give up my Google, it helps me immensely in my work, and I do so enjoy being an online stalker.

I absolutely love my Facebook and very much enjoy that it facilitates the storage of my photos and memories.  I like that it helps me stalk you.

So now privacy means keeping your fingers quiet.  Privacy means not sharing your personal stuff online.  Privacy means more than just shutting the blinds.

I guess the old adage about trading one evil for another is true.  So I say unto you, in the words of the Iron Chef…… no wait, that’s not right.

But I do declare after this self discussion, that if you want things to be Private you are still in control, just in a different way.

Viva la Technologie!

Happy 2018 to you all.  Let’s try to not screw this one up.  🙂


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