Perspective Changes- Annual Birthday Post

It was my birthday last Sunday.  I’m 45 now, please don’t tell anybody.

(What? She didn’t give up the blog after all?  It’s been months…. what has she been up to?)

This is my favorite time of year.  I love the colors changing and the cooler weather coming.  I love Harvest and hot tea and hoodies.  I love Halloween and everything spooky.  All of these things are things that I expect will never ever change about me.

But other things….

I used to really love gifts, and attention and birthday extravaganzas.  I have found though that as I get older, there are fewer gifts that I need or want and while I still love the attention, I can find other things more worthy of that same attention.  Birthday Extravaganzas?  I will probably never tire of a birthday extravaganza.  Ask me about those in another ten years.

High Roller from the Bar Car
Our View from the High Roller (I took this picture)

This year, in fact last weekend, my Rooster surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas for this my 45th Birthday Extravaganza.

He’s the best!

Airplane Snack

We had a fabulous time of course, as we do on all of our trips.  Even though we’ve been to Vegas before, we managed to do some new stuff, like set our money on fire.

You see, we are not big gamblers, and in fact never spent a dime in any casino on our last trip to Vegas.  We went on this trip though with another couple who are fairly notorious gamblers, so of course, we gambled.  The weird part was that they were consistently winning and we were consistently losing.  Certainly this means that it was not meant to be, but shouldn’t we have had at least a little beginners luck?

Bobby Slayton

Besides all that money setting on fire, we went to a Bobby Slayton comedy show, and did up Fremont Halloween including catching a Spandex Nation show (highly recommend if you are a fan of 80’s hair music).  We brought Ninja Turtle costumes to wear, but failed mightily, chickened out as you might say.

Spandex Nation

We went to the Tournament of Kings and had a blast being on Team Dragon.  We went on the High Roller at night (it is so much better than the day ride, see pic above) and visited Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

We are consummate tourists….

It’s how we love to vacation.  You’re just jealous.

Amidst all of the debauchery, fancy drinks, incredible costumes and setting money on fire, I had the overwhelming feeling that I would rather have been home working the Save Tacoma’s Landmark Church Spaghetti Dinner.

Yes, I did take my temperature.

Don’t tell my Rooster, I still need surprise fun trips in my life, but Vegas could not compete.

Before you call the men in white coats to load me up into the paddy wagon destined for the crazy house, know this.

This was literally an epiphany for me, with special shading, trumpets and a spotlight.  It was an epiphany about how I’ve grown this year, in my convictions and indeed in my social choices, and it turns out I think I did 44 justice.  I became a civic leader, some have been known to exaggerate that into “prominent civic leader”.   (It’s me, I’m some people)   🙂

This shift that I’ve had in priorities this year is due 100% to the fact that a symbol of my childhood became threatened.

From the very day I found out, I have felt “Called to Serve”.

You may laugh, but there is no other explanation for it.

I literally do not mind in the least giving up any amount of time for meetings.  I don’t mind formatting agendas, running an additional facebook page, answering a million emails, designing posters, planning fundraisers and talking to the press.

That last one is big.  I do not especially love talking to the press, but after a while you aren’t so nervous and you can relax a little.  It helps that I am well versed in what I’ve been talking about.

One might say that I found myself at a crossroads, under that spotlight in Vegas.

What I loved most about my 44th year of life are the many genuine people that I have met and gotten to know.

It has been wonderful to see the friends and family that HAVE chosen to stand beside me and have even joined me in the collective effort to Save Holy Rosary.

I love that some of those people are the ones that I would have thought least likely to do so.

I love that I may have finally found another one of the things, that I am going to always be proud of myself for.  I promise you that Holy Rosary Church will continue standing.

So to my supporters in this effort, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  To my partners in this effort, thank you for standing tall with me.  To the naysayers, pffffft, we’re going to show you all.

And the rest of you don’t discount me yet.  I’m still going to bike rallies, and witches night out.  I’m still fishing and clam digging and shrimping.  I am still gardening and reading and watching scary movies.  I still love to travel.  I still write a blog (apparently).

I’m still the same fun loving wild child that I’ve ever been, I’m just on a mission right now.

45 and finally making strides towards growing up 🙂

Happy Birthday to me.



If you are interested in joining the effort to Save the Church…
Facebook:  Save Tacoma’s Landmark Church
Twitter:  Save Holy Rosary

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  1. This was a great read! It was enjoyable reading about you and your growth, thank you for sharing!! Oh, and thank you for the STLC activities!!

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