Partial Government Shutdown, More Damaging Than You Think…

So it’s now Day 23, Sunday, guaranteed to reach Day 24 of the “Partial” Government Shutdown.

Our President wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.  All the way across.  Whatever, OK, we all know the arguments about who should pay.  Although they change all the time, there are only so many possibilities.

Did you know that there are portions of the area in question already “walled”?  OK, fenced, with razor wire.

Literally the existing wall

Did you know that most of the drugs (and there are a lot), brought into this country from the south, arrive inside trucks full of legal goods, or by air or vehicle, brought in by legal American citizens?  Some of them come through via tunnel.  None of these means of transport will be interrupted in any way, shape or form by building a big ass wall.

Did you know that the people being muled across the border, through the Rio Grande and via tortorous caravans often pay thousands, all the money they have in the world, just in hopes that their families could have a future here in the United States, are not drug runners, terrorists or any danger to our systems at all?

These people are photographed going over the existing wall in San Diego

Have you been to any farms or construction sites here in Washington State or anywhere else, especially close to the border?  Do you know who is picking the apples and roofing in 100+ degree weather?

Enough of that.

I would like for you to meet my friend Tonia, figuratively of course.  I would never publish her photo without her permission.

I have known her for 20+ years.  She is a TSA Agent at SeaTac Airport, and she has been since post 9-11.  She introduced my Rooster and I to each other 18 years ago.  I am forever in her debt for changing my life.

She’s good at her job, I know she is.  First of all because she is still gainfully employed after 15+ years and that’s the kind of person she is.  She is a single mother of two grown giant man boys.

She is still doing her job, even though she hasn’t been paid since before Christmas.  She and all of the other TSA Agents were even promised a $500 bonus for handling the Christmas season without incident.  But don’t think she’s getting that money anytime soon, she won’t see that until she gets her back/current pay, whenever this shutdown ends.  As an “Essential” government employee, she is expected to continue to work, paycheck or no.  I hope that her mortgage company is understanding, as President Trump has asked them to be.  I’m sure he’s a very understanding Landlord himself.


The Coast Guard is not getting paid.  There was a sign up in a West Coast office (nameless on purpose), encouraging Coast Guard servicemen and women to continue to work, but to maybe do some babysitting or drive Uber in off hours to make ends meet during the shutdown.


Air Traffic Controllers are not getting paid.  How about that for a slap in the face?  The people that already are high strung and nervous, those people for whom concentration and focus are so important, knowing that they hold hundreds of lives in their hands, know that they aren’t getting paid.  I hope that they aren’t busy taking a call from Capital One about an unpaid credit card bill when my plane is crossing a busy air traffic area.

While some people will suggest that using credit, or savings to get by during this tough time is a solution, most people would agree that it would be hard to get by for any significant amount of time without a regular paycheck.  Unemployment benefits are not valid in this case, as no worker has been laid off.

Some Agencies have been laid off, well….. furloughed if you want to use a Partial Government Shutdown term.  I’m guessing furloughed doesn’t get you unemployment compensation either.

The IRS.  They are at 12% staff.  The government is going to have a surplus of money soon, as 12% staff sure isn’t processing your tax refund anytime soon.  The “Government” has announced to the media that refund processing won’t be affected.  Tell me how 12% of staff is working on your return and is going to get it back to you in a timely manner.  The good news about that is that W-2’s aren’t due to the worker until the end of this month.  They have another 17 days before we find out that was a lie.

The FDA.  We’ve had a lot of trouble this year with Romaine Lettuce here on the West Coast.  There are no food inspections taking place right now.  Q13 News advised that we stay away from produce that is likely to be contaminated, Lettuce, Spinach, Avocados.

The FDA is also not approving any new drugs right now.  So your friend, or Aunt or whoever, waiting for that clinical trial that might save their life is out of luck.

Our National Parks……  The Forest Rangers and their staff are absolutely not essential and have been furloughed.  Our people have overflowed the honeybuckets and garbage until the parks had to shut down.  I get that we don’t “NEED” to visit them, but why not.  Why are we all suffering for some campaign promise?

How long will it be before our skies are uncontrolled, barely controlled, or also shut down?  How long before the US Mail is stopped?  How long before our education system and Social Security Administration and Medicare are shutdown?

You might think that it’s all small stuff, but in a country of this size, none of it is small stuff.   800,000 Americans are working without pay, but maybe that’s small potatoes in a country of this size.

Is this how you want to live?

I get that it won’t last forever, in fact, Congress may very well grant some emergency funds next week, to pay some of the workers toiling away for free.

The problem is, that this is not a Socialist Country.  This is a Democracy.

Socialists work for free if necessary.  Everyone does their job and everyone is taken care of at a rate that is applicable and available for all.  Socialism allows for the leadership to make decisions based on some crazy guy’s whims.

I know you think I’m going to say Trump is Socialist, but I’m not.  Trump wants to be a Dictator, and it makes sense that he would want to lead the way that he does.  He has always led his businesses that way.

Wait a minute.  Socialism has Dictators……… *Lightbulb*

But he’s saying that the Democrats are Socialist.

Why do they all just keep talking, why aren’t they doing something about it?

Trump is used to getting his way.  He is used to detailing his wishes and having them granted, because hell, he’s the one paying everyone, right?  Except now that isn’t the case.  He is still firing whomever, on a whim or disagreement (just like tv).

But that doesn’t mean that our country should be run that way, we have rules.

In a Democracy, you are duly and fairly rewarded for your work, based on the given rate of value of your task.  In a Democracy, everything is ruled by vote.  EVERYTHING.

The current popular vote, in the simplest terms, is that we don’t want to pay for the wall.  So everyone is suffering on account of this Dictator in action.

I get why he was elected, at least from my point of view.  “DRAIN THE SWAMP”, right?

I agree that Congress and the House is entirely convoluted.  There are too many members that are career politicians, stuck in old ways,

And there is an equal amount, if not more that have too many hands in their pockets.  Lobbyists are the Devil.  There was hope that he could’ve drained it.

But after two years, we have all learned that Trump is not draining the swamp.  In fact he is feeding the swamp, as long as it goes his direction.

This blog is meant to be informative, not argumentative.  So with that in mind, I ask you, what do we do now?

Some of you think Trump is the greatest and his ideas are the best and you are part of Kool-Aid drinking south.  Woops, sorry, some of my real feelings slipped out.  I’m trying to be impartial here.

Some of you think he’s the worst and is out of control.

Some of you don’t know what to think.

But you know what I think?  I think that no one saw this coming.  I think that we all have to come together, and forget political parties and get things back on a track that is manageable.

I think we can do it, because there is no other choice.  That’s the American Way, and maybe, just maybe, that is the reason and purpose of all of these shenanigans that have gone on thus far.

It’s how our country was made.  Do you think that the founding fathers had no problems?

This drawn out bull shit though……. The stuff that is causing our people to suffer, it has to stop.  And we all have to stop it together.  Our chaos is not made for such extra disruption.

Funding the wall isn’t the answer, nor is it a requirement of setting the budget for this year and re-opening the government.  It can be an ongoing discussion.

Open our Government Sir, or we will be seeing more consequences.  Consequences that perhaps we may not recover from,

Contrary to popular colloquialism, the shit is going to start rolling uphill.


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