The No Good, Horrible, Really Bad Day(s) at Work

Warning:  Before you read this post, know that I will be ranting out loud, mostly about work.  To no end….. seemingly.

We spent all weekend painting Aunt Jane/Jerrica/Chris’ house.  We stopped for dinner on the way home, a few drinks, and Olympics at the bar.  We didn’t get home until 8:30 pm.  AND it’s hurry, get ready for Monday, water the plants, start some laundry, more Olympics, then bed around midnight.  Work came super early yesterday morning.

But we both make it up and in time for work, as is no surprise.  We always go hard, then we go home.

When I get to work, I fully intend on working on the “Shoe Show” tourbook.  Not that big of deal, the sites were received Thursday of last week.  To be fair, I had been hearing about the “Shoe Show” account for two solid weeks, there was talk of a tourbook being imminent.  Finally, I have the sites but there are questions about Demographics, what should I use for important facts?  Income, Population, Race, Education?  What kind of radius are we looking at?  Is it Mile Rings, how many miles?  Drive Time?  Trade Area?  The answer came late Friday.  I was already halfway done.

My boss comes to me (9:30 ish) and approaches me aggressively about the completion time.  And so you know, he’s a Jesus guy, super understanding and generally overly compassionate all the way to where you shake your head.  “I realize there’s no tour date, but I told him a week and a half ago that I would send him material, it shouldn’t take this long.”

I am stunned.  Here it is Monday morning and I had just received the information on Thursday, more important stuff on Friday.  A Week and a Half?

I kept my cool though.  I told him that it was half way done, and I could possibly finish that day.  I reminded him that I needed rent quotes, triple net quotes, timing, comments and trade area polygon maps from him asap.  Then I reminded him that the information came to me on Thursday and Friday and I was in the thralls of final publishing of a tourbook for Mike, which would also take some time.

I sound tough as I re-read this, but I was kind of a mess, I hate being yelled at, especially when I know damn good and well that there was no way that I was out of line time-frame wise.  How would I have known that he had been sitting on it for a week and two days (apparently).

He came to me ten minutes later with a rational discussion about 3, 5, 7 mile rings and that trade area polygons would be a reserve strategy in case the demos didn’t work out.  We are talking about Yakima, Walla Walla, Wenatchee and Spokane here, not exactly pinnacle cities in Washington.  So he doesn’t have to do maps and I am set free to get to work.

THEN, the big boss, the owner of the company, who no, is not my boss, wierd situation in an office of 6, well 7, we have a ghost agent and once in a while he will call, he frequently emails………  I’ve seen him three times and he’s worked with us for two years.

But, I digress, the big boss, he calls in that his vacation is running long.  He won’t be arriving until Monday afternoon (from Dallas), and payday is postponed for a day.  Also, he kind of thought that was going to be the case anyway, so too bad for me, well, for everybody.

Working without my paycheck, under duress.  Crap.

I got the tourbook 80% finished.  Even though I was all pissed off, and that often takes a lot out of me.  I had four pages to make and called it a day.  The evening was fine, I have a way of separating myself from work when I’m home.  Thank God.

So today, this morning.  I wait and wait for the pages to come back from my boss.  I finished and perfected this tourbook in the meantime.  It is excellent work, if I don’t say so myself (which I did and do still), I may just keep it in a sample file of my work.  I am still waiting on information from him.  I guess it’s going to end up being two weeks.

We got our paychecks today, which was a good thing (isn’t it always).  I feel like such a crybaby being butt hurt about it, but really, don’t the bill guys want their payment on time?  What if I paid something a day late?  I would pay a fine.  Where is my damn late payment fine?  Just kidding, I don’t expect that, but come on.  Don’t get me wrong, I can wait an extra day, but why should I?

Today was an ok day at work.  The problem with work today, is that I left my cell phone sitting right on my desk, in front of my face.  I had just taken it off the charger, full charge.  Stupid, rushing out of work.  I don’t need it, and I invite the silence.  But, I want it.

Tomorrow I should be able to publish the much lauded (by me) and highly anticipated (by everybody else apparently) “Shoe Show” book.  I will have my cell phone back.  All of this will be behind me.

Here’s to tomorrow.  Oh yeah, the moral, there’s always tomorrow.

P.S.  If you say “Shoe Show” really fast, it sounds like a Chinese food place, and for the first week we discussed it at work, that’s what I thought it was.  It wasn’t until I saw it in writing did I figure it out.  LOL


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  1. Joy,
    Just tell yourself, ” This too will pass”. Need more teamwork at work? Tell the boss to keep a lid on his stress instead of passing it on. Really, where is his faith?

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