I am Very Worried About the USA

I am very worried about our fine country.

I have always been proud to be an American.  I have never shied away when being asked about my country, about my pride, or about my beliefs.  I said the Pledge of Allegiance every day at school growing up and still would today if we said it at work.  There is no country in this world that I would rather belong to.

I stand for the National Anthem, even at home when sporting events are on TV, weird I know, but I just can’t really help it, I have a lot of respect for our Nation and what I think it stands for.

It’s a tradition at our neighborhood bar that everyone stand when Madison Rising’s rock version of the Star Spangled Banner is played.  What?  You’ve never heard that version? Click here to watch the music video and of course hear the song.

I can hear you muttering now, “What kind of bar does this chick go to that plays the National Anthem and expects everyone to participate?”  It’s a neighborhood dive bar, with all walks of life.  It’s young and old, rich and poor, Army and biker, slutty and disabled.  It’s a cross section of modern America.  It’s Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives alike, hanging out and having a cocktail together in peaceful harmony.  Imagine that.

My little story above is real life.

Now the news media, and Facebook, the internet at large, and even Hollywood……..  They are all touting a different story.  They are preaching that Donald Trump is the best President that the United States of America ever did have.


They are preaching that we as a country have reached a new low, and to quote an internet troll that attacked me on Facebook just today, “Joy Donohue America no longer great.. Stop watching fox and Trump TV… No longer the greatest country in the World.. Not with that idiot at the helm.. He has bought shame on the Whitehouse along with his lack of knowledge, bumbling ways, along with cronies the swamp is so bad it should be sealed up… Too thick to drain.”  I have left the grammar and spelling errors as is.  Those are not mine to claim.

Not only did her comment have almost nothing to do with the statement I was making, it makes me out to look quite naive, and the state of our society as hopeless.  Is this what we need as a people?

What in the heck is going on here?  Is divisiveness the way to go?  Why in the world would we be encouraged or encourage others to pick a side?

Imagine with me for one second, what would happen if we continue to live this way?  The blind Trump supporters and the mudslinging Democrats, constantly fighting over semantics.

I’m pretty sure that we would be headed straight into another Civil War.  Pfffffft, too extreme?  I’m not so sure.

At first I was thinking that it was a ploy of the government itself, trying to distract “We The People” with petty arguments and ridiculous grandstanding.  That way, when we are all involved with arguing with one another, they can get on with their real agendas.

We won’t even know what the real agendas are at that point.  We will not have a clue. Maybe we already don’t know the real agendas.  We are/will be too busy screaming at each other, over opinions, facts and figures that we have no control over to notice what’s really happening, or to listen to any voice of reason.  Is that what you want?

I can tell you this.  It’s working.  It’s not only the media, the internet and the paid trolls doing it anymore.  It’s my friend Sonny, and your friend Marcia.

It’s even some of my more sarcastic friends, without a political bone in their bodies.  They just think its funny to watch their Facebook accounts explode with arguments and with comments.

And my brainwashed friends, Good Lord above, I hope it’s just that they’ve been brainwashed……. In America you are always correct in your own opinion (at least you have that right anyway), but you do not have the authority or ability to shove it down anyone else’s throat.  Since when did we all become Socialist, or maybe it’s Elitist…… I don’t having the slightest inkling of understanding of why anyone would post stuff like these examples below.

It’s just going to get people all fired up, and then while you are fighting with your neighbor, our government will take advantage of the fact that no one is looking.  The could build a wall and bomb China.  Is that what you want?

When are all of you going to get over the idea that being divisive among ourselves is any kind of answer? In order for our country to be and stay great there has to be a reunification. Telling each other to leave the country and offering tissues, likening each other’s ideas to pig poop.

Last week someone told me they were going to start a prayer circle for me over a political belief.  And while I appreciate every prayer said for me, it was utterly uncalled for.

Come on, did I wander in on Kindergarten Shenanigan Time 2017? I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but I certainly recognize and respect the fact that he is our President, which is what we all should do, regardless of personal opinions and feelings. End of Story.

I am proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.

And I won’t forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me

And I gladly stand up
Next to you and defend her still today
Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land
God bless the USA

3 Replies to “I am Very Worried About the USA”

  1. I usually try and stay clear of the political stuff on the internet and work, but this statement I couldn’t agree more. ” I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but I certainly recognize and respect the fact that he is our President, which is what we all should do, regardless of personal opinions and feelings. ” Another good one Joy.

  2. yes joy you nailed it on the head. tired of all the people who can’t respect that every one has there own ideas and beliefs. I am not a robot that does not think for my self. I can’t express my own thoughts at work with out being yelled at. I believe that we all should just live our lives and not try and change what this country was or has done in the past. I feel that protesting and fighting among each other needs to end. I believe that every one in this country needs to help make this country great again. Rich, poor, old, young, any one who has there own thoughts and beliefs. we are one people, stop this all thinking thta your way is the only way. because its not. We all have a brain and we all think different. That is what makes us who we are.

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