Happy New Year 2017!


Here we are again.  It’s another new beginning.  I find it interesting that we place so much importance on the January 1st phenomenon.  There are many chances throughout the year to re-energize, but this is the one as humankind that we somehow have all agreed to share.

It’s a good thing, this renewal of everything hopeful.  It’s so nice to be able to put a whole year behind us, the good things that will always be happy memories, as well as the bad things, the tragedies that we all want to forget.

2016 was not a great year for most of the people that I know.  There were lost friends and loved ones via terrible tragedies, illnesses and accidents.  There were moments of great fright, and vacations gone bad.  There was a presidential election that tore through our country like a wounded banshee.  There were terror attacks, a few of which managed to be carried out on American soil.

But even still we survived, and in many ways we have all thrived, as individuals and as a country.  We have perhaps even thrived as the collective human race.  I wonder why our human psyches make us dwell on the things that we perceive as horrible.  Maybe it has to do with learning, and that we take better lessons from the negative.  I hope not.

A lot of great things happened in 2016.  There were joyous births and new homes, there were promotions at work and new vehicles.  There were friendships cemented by good times and close moments together.  We came together worldwide to watch the Olympics and to elect a new president, (results not withstanding) both were significant historical events of the past year.

My greatest accomplishment of 2016 was starting, and continuing this blog.  (Thanks for reading!) I intend to update it often in this new year, and maintain it into the far away vastness that will be 2018.  It isn’t that big of a thing, but I love it and I’m proud of it, and in my own individual tiny way, it’s one way I think I can leave a permanent mark.

In 2017, I personally plan to attack some health and fitness goals, I plan to cuddle and appreciate my closest friends and all of my family.  I plan to continue to have many great adventures, focusing on making memories that last, and I will continue to be someone that I am proud of.

I resolve to be more open minded toward activities and people that I have deemed unworthy in past years.  If not to participate and extend my attention, then at least to not judge or belittle.  I will spend more time looking into the light, and far less time contemplating the darkness that beckons, silent but obvious.

I wish you a Happy New Year!  I hope that you are embracing the invitation to renew, and resolve to be someone better, someone happier, someone healthier this year.

And just because this was a relatively boring post, here’s something witchy to help you along your path, should the need arise.

Don’t you fret (or stop reading), the next blog will see us return to adventure.  We are heading out to Utah next weekend for a visit with Chicken Hawk (Rooster’s Dad).  There will certainly be hijinx to share!

But for now, the holidays have passed us by, happily in our home, hopefully in yours too.  Let’s get this New Year off with a bang.  It’s back to work tomorrow.  🙂

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