Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Anybody who knows me, knows that it’s my favorite of all favorite holidays!

It’s the one day of the year that you can be anybody you want.

And THEY say that your Halloween costume is an expression of who you really want to be.

Here is it, Halloween day and I have yet to discover my costume for this year.  I could always go with an old standby, but those costumes are representative of who I used to be, I need to come up with a costume indicative of who I am today.

While I ponder that……

Think about the last Halloween party you went to, and then think deeper than the costumes you saw.

Did you notice that everyone wearing a costume was more carefree?  Did you notice that those people were nicer to one another, did you notice how many compliments were handed out?  Did you notice more smiles and laughter?

When you literally hide your every day face, it seems that inhibitions and grudges go away.

Why does it have to be Halloween for that to happen?

We all wear masks everyday.  We wear the mask that says “I’m just fine, I’m not tired or depressed.”  “I’m not worried about the state of my health, home, finances or relationship.”  We wear the mask that says, “I support your beliefs, I support your ideas, I support your needs.”

Do you think it would be better if we all just put down those masks?

I’m not saying that we need to wallow in negative thoughts, or act mean, just truthful.  Totally 100% honest.  Would you lose friends?  Were they your friends to begin with if what they supported wasn’t the truth?

What happened to “Can’t we all just get along?”   Are you asking this silently too?

Are we getting along, or are we just pulling the wool over each others eyes in the interest of avoiding conflict?  Is it worth all that?  Isn’t that a mask too?

I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe it isn’t worth all that.  Maybe we should leave the masks behind if we can, or just wear the bigger masks everyday, the ones we only bring out on Halloween.

Which brings me to the next twisty turn in this story.  🙂

I’ve been hanging around on Twitter lately, which is where all of this mask wearing nonsense discussion I’m having with myself originated.

You see, I’m a not so secret advocate for the no mask brigade.  I generally say what I mean and when I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it.

I am a witness to the fact that there are no masks worn on Twitter, and it’s a very ugly place.  People there constantly troll one another, they berate one another, name call and make fun of spelling and grammar errors like you have never seen (there is no “edit” function there).  The political arguments are cringe worthy, the hate is never ending, and I want to quit.

Don’t get me wrong, the support one could possibly receive is also extreme, but there is a lot less of that than the negative stuff.

So why don’t I just quit the Twitter if it bothers me so terribly?

Probably for the same reason that no one can get Donald Trump to quit Twitter.

Twitter is far reaching and all encompassing.  Twitter is a literal worldwide bandwagon, and is almost necessary for the purposes of promoting my blog.  It is the holy grail of self marketing.

It is not worth it, and yet I don’t stop, because I have lofty goals for my blog and a new career in writing, so just maybe I have to put up with all of the hate and fear mongering I find on Twitter.

It is the means to the end so to speak.

Twitter makes me want to go live in a cave.

Wait…….. I just figured out my Halloween costume.  I am going to be a cave woman.  It doesn’t need a mask, and it doesn’t need technology, and that’s the costume I want this year.

*Sigh*  Do what you want with your mask.





2 Replies to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Creative, entertaining and well written as usual. Keep wading through the “Twitters” of the world and achieve your dream, you’re well suited for it. Happy Halloween!

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