Halloween is the very best Holiday, a Synopsis

Halloween is my favorite holiday (is it really a holiday? you ask-  Yes, now shut your trap.)

Sure there are other holidays that promote eating candy.  Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day….. and there are other holidays that you celebrate primarily with friends, 4th of July, and St Patrick’s Day.  There are even other holidays with costumes (sort of), Fat Tuesday, Valentine’s Day and St. Patricks Day.

The thing about Halloween, is that it let’s you be someone else, anyone else, or something else all together.  It can be anything you want and there is no theme.  It isn’t just you though, and it isn’t just me, it’s everybody.  We are all invited and surely encouraged to let that creative juice out.

Even those that don’t choose to dress up (in my opinion) have the opportunity to revel in everything being a bit off kilter.

Maybe the quiet girl at the bar dresses up like Wonder Woman and finally sings her first Karaoke song, and it’s Pat Benetar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, and maybe it’s awesome and she comes out of her shell a little more for the rest of the year.  Maybe it’s terrible, but she’s finally done it, and it can be crossed off her bucket list.  Maybe because it’s so awesome/terrible, the man of her dreams finally notices her and they fall in love and live happily ever after.  Maybe she gets really drunk, and doesn’t even remember.  The maybes go on forever, and that’s just for the shy girl.

(It’s also during my birthday week, which seals the love all the way as far as it being my favorite.)

I decorated our house on the first weekend in October.  I’m going for a more grown up and fancy pants set of decorations now, rather than the dramatic front yard of 2008.



And Fiona, she’s excited for Halloween too, she got a whole new costume this year.


I myself am wavering between Stevie Nicks (THE white witch) and the tattooed woman (I would never fully tattoo myself for real, but it’s fun to pretend).   My 9 year old niece is Halloween-ing this year as a donut.

Let your kids be what they want.  It will give you insight into their souls, even if it’s just a tiny glimpse.  My niece in her donut costume is easy, she doesn’t like scary things and she loves donuts, but maybe its not just about the donuts.  She and her brother and sister go out on the weekends during daddy daycare for cocoa and donuts (while mom is working), and I bet that’s going to be one of her favorite memories when she grows up.

I’m often a witch come Halloween, and it may seem obvious, but I’m drawn to witches because they are magical and scary (just like me), and use nature to bring their bidding to fruition (also like my crazy garden lady persona), not a far reach in my camp. *Cackle*


My Rooster, he’s often a rock star, with a long haired wig, sometimes a demon, but still that same wig.  It’s not hard to see that he thinks he missed his calling, and sometimes I think so too.  He’s a very good singer and handy with a guitar.  Most of you know that he’s no stranger to Karaoke.

I urge you, every single one of you reading this, to ponder on your Halloween costume, to understand it’s meaning.  It does have meaning, even if you just picked that Thing #2 dress hastily.  It’s an opportunity to let your soul shine through.  It’s an opportunity to love yourself and your creativity.  It may even be an opportunity to understand something about yourself that you didn’t recognize before.


AND as usual, there is a moral to the story presented here.  I think it’s important for all of us to step outside our respective boxes and I think we should do it more than once a year.  Please, please grab that chance this year to express yourself in any crazy way you want, during that one time of year that no one asks you why.

It isn’t any fun feeling trapped in your day to day life, and when you get trapped, things get messy.  Scary things can happen.  Use the opportunity to refresh and renew.  Boo!


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  1. Another day of celebration that invokes fun memories….especially from my childhood. It isn’t always the costumes in particular but just some silly times with family members. My mother loved haunted houses – so when I was growing up I was forced to spend quality time with several family members being frightened and terrorized wherever these “fright night” opportunities were. Another fond memory was that my parents insisted on giving regular size candy bars to all the trick-or-treaters that happened upon our home – I think this was a means to ensure the kids stopped by our home. This is my son’t favorite holiday as well so I hope he makes wonderful memories with my grandson too….good times 🙂

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