Dear Frankie

Dear Frankie,

OMG the trouble you have caused this family.  LOL.  We are all so sorry that you had to go.  We miss you so much already.  There was a huge fuss, I bet you watched the whole thing.  It was so perfect.

Aunt Teresa tried to make me touch your “vessel” on viewing day.  That was crazy.  You would have laughed and laughed.

Joey and Nick and Matt wore the colored suits, just how you would have wanted it, lavender tails on Joey, tangerine or maybe cantelope on Nick and dark purple on Matt, did you see?  Josh wanted to really do it up with a funny color and top hat and a cane, but Aunt Anna wouldn’t let him.  She wanted him to be respectful, and he was, as much as he is physically able.  Joey, Nick and Jeremy shaved their heads in your honor.

And all of the Mustangs were there.  It was so awesome.

There was a HumVee Limo.

See how that picture is funny, they took Polaroids of everybody and everything and put them in your casket (we all know you are not in there), so that you could take us with you,  we are so thoughtful.  There’s Fireball and who knows what else, but it’s there if you can get at it.

Everyone came out of the woodwork Frankie, your bowling team, work guys, all the Jackowski’s…… Aunt Lee, Uncle Bob, Aunt Sharon, and even that guy that’s Grandpa’s twin.  People from Holy Rosary, people from softball, your Mom’s family, your friends…….  Everyone loves you.

At the cemetery, when we let the balloons go, and they all went into the tree…..  Everyone was disappointed when the wind suddenly blew them there, but then they all started popping like fireworks.  AWESOME!  Then the wind blew harder and the rest went up into the sky…….. and the wind stopped.  I had no idea that you would have that power as a ghost/angel.  I will try to keep that in mind when it’s my turn.

It was pretty funny that you made the bird poop on Josh.  He already has a tattoo about you.  Joey, Nick and Matt are pretty messed up.  You were such a driving force for them.  Joey is doing an excellent job of stepping up, he is missing more than his brother, he is missing his friend.  You really were a great brother to all of them.  Ashley was a wonderful secretary and administrator for your whole send off.  You always were proud of her, I bet you’re even more proud now.  She’s missing you too.

Your Dad, and Grandpa, please watch over them and give them funny signs about you.  They need it.  They are both so strong, like you, and both also Franks, funny coincidence…. but they are hurting. .

Aunt Anna and Aunt Teresa….. they both are trying so hard to take care of everyone and even somehow take care of you still.  So…… same old, same old.  You know they loved you so much.  Like you were their own.  Watch them and protect them.

Uncle Mark and Uncle John are being strong, but in their own weird ways.  I’m glad you messed with Uncle Mark’s DVD player and showed him that you meant to say Goodbye.

Your Mom, Aunt Lisa, please watch over her and help her out.  She is so sad.  I know she always wanted to be there for you, and if it wasn’t for her, there wouldn’t have been you.

You won’t even believe this, but Shanna came to your funeral!  There wasn’t any drama, but I was waiting, you would’ve liked that.

Do something weird to Isaac if you have a chance.  He is going to miss you very much.  You helped him deal with his overwhelming sisters.  Someone else is going to have to pick up the slack and take him on drives.


The crafty littles made you awesome Seahawks centerpieces for your party.  Did you see them?  Bella, Kenzie, Lydia, Olivia, and Isaac worked their poor attention spans to the bone, and then Patty and Paul finished them off.   You would have loved them.

Carmella, she is so heartbroken, I’m so sorry that you guys didn’t have the chance to really make it happen.  She really loved you Frankie.

Your party was magical, I know you looked at it.  We drank so much FIREBALL!!!!!  Everybody and everyone wanted to celebrate you, and your video was perfectly done.  Chucky chatted right through the whole thing.  At least he didn’t run around.

When your video showed at the reception, it wasn’t quite dark enough, but it was as if you were saying you haven’t gone, just faded.  The good news is, that it’s on everyone’s facebook wall now, and I for one know that you will always be remembered, and cherished.

We love you Frankie.  We always will.

Yours in fun and games and cousin love.



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  1. Such an amazing and elequent summery of such an amazing send off for my incredible nephew. Thank you Joy. Your words are magical-

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