Our New Dark Overlord

Let’s be honest, you’ve missed my blogs.  I’ve been busy with important things like Halloween, and my birthday, and a horrible head cold.  And….. I’ll just go ahead and say it, the 2016 Presidential Election.

Like me, you probably spent last night staring incredulously at the tv, switching channels over and over, and seeing the same results everywhere.  I bet you saw the same incredulous look on the faces of the newscasters, some were joyful, sure, but still incredulous.

All of the polls said that Hillary was going to walk away with the election.  My first question of the day today is who are the pollsters?  the tabulators?  who gets to make that call?  Whoever it is, they were wrong.

Looking deeper into the results of the election, I noticed over and over that the results in nearly every state were virtually 50/50.  In fact, the numbers this morning indicate that Hillary Clinton did indeed win the popular vote, and that the electoral college was the culprit in taking her out.

This is the real problem folks, no not the electoral college…. The division of America.  We still live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We still will stand shoulder to shoulder and shout out to all of the nations that we will not be silenced.  We still live in the land of opportunity, of milk and honey, and all of that patriotic stuff.  We will still stand together and sing our national anthem proudly.  So no matter who you chose in the Presidential election, it’s time to buck up, shake it off, don’t brag and don’t cry.  We are all in this together, and as far as I’m concerned, we always will be.  Look to our leaders with respect.  This election is no different than any other, and now more than ever we need to show unity as a nation.  (Stepping off soapbox and returning to regular programming).

When I filled out my ballot for the election, I got out my voter book, I looked up every referendum and issue there was that I didn’t feel comfortable voting on blindly.  I read the resume and looked at the photos of each candidate that I was unfamiliar with, and then I got to that box.  The “Vote for the New President” box, and the pen fell right out of my hand.  I had no need to read any further articles or statements.  I had done my research and I had watched every debate.  I felt sick.

My ballot sat on the dining room table, with one box uncompleted for three days.

Finally, facing the deadline, I made my choice.  I will not hide my opinions.  I begrudgingly voted for Hillary Clinton, not because I like her so much as I am afraid of what Donald Trump could potentially do to our country.

Last night I realized that perhaps I was just focusing on the negative.  I was focusing on the negative from both sides.  I don’t need to be fearful of what Donald Trump might do to our country, there are plenty of people much closer to the situation whose sole job will be to make sure he doesn’t do anything too irreversible.

Today I choose to look at the positive side, and it’s exactly the same, but with another emotion.  Today I am hopeful for what Donald Trump might do for this country.  I am hopeful that he will finally be able to make some headway into the tangled web that is our government.  He will likely not be swayed by big oil, the labor union and the agricultural bullies.  Hell, he’s used to being a bully, so it’s likely he will be swayed by no bullies, be they national or international.  Maybe, even though it seems like he’s friendly with Putin, maybe he is the one that will look Putin straight in the eye and say “Down Boy”.  Putin and others.

So perhaps I have already been assimilated into this new American Borg.  I embrace our new dark overlord.  Whew.  That was easy.

For those of you that are forlorn and preaching doomsday, please realize that this is so new for us all.  Nothing has changed yet.  There are 70 days (ish) before Inauguration Day, and there will be a crash course in Presidential behavior and ethics/etiquette for Mr. Trump, to say the least.  He has a lot of work to do.

In the end, Donald Trump is a businessman, and America is a business.  He will do just fine.

Keep living your life, keep moving forward.  Your bubble is intact and the changes will happen slowly.

Just in case your are still feeling stressed out, please take a deep breath and enjoy this box of kittens.


3 Replies to “Our New Dark Overlord”

  1. You have such a way of bringing common sense. Hopefully the United States will suffer from a severe case of common sense sometime soon. You are so right it no longer matters who we voted for it is a done deal. So now we must look forward and all of us work together for the best possible outcome. After all this is our country and we must live here and we must deal with the consequences of our own actions. Thank you for an awesome blog as always Miss Ma’am.

  2. I always appreciate you honesty and the ability to look at the bigger picture. I must confess that I am a Republican and I love it’s core values however Mr. Trump did not leave me with warm patriotic excitement either. I was disappointed in my party that he was there final choice….however what I came to recognize with great sadness that the person with the deepest pockets gets to be on the election ballot. I had high hopes for individuals that I thought would make wonderful candidates but alas they were knocked out the running due to funding. But just like any other elected president “suck it up buttercup” and let’s do the best we can and still be proud to be Americans and behave accordingly.

  3. Joy, your dialogue here could have easily been written by me. Our story is eerily similar: the unchecked box for days, the final decision, the utter surprise of finding out exactly how divided our country really is. And, like you, I got over myself quickly and decided that is time to stop focusing on the negative, I mean, have we ever stepped into the polling booth with 100 percent confidence? The sky is not falling and we will be ok. Hell, with the right attitude, we might be better than ok. We might be great! I, for one, witnessed all the rioting, the violence, the anger, the irritability and even the (nooooo!!!!) multiple unfriendings on Facebook yesterday over this unrest and decided — I’m not going to succumb to it. United we stand, divided we fall. And me, well I am choosing to be a part of this great country, a part of the solution. I am looking forward to great things. For me and my family, you and your family and every other person who is proud to be an American. Thank you for sharing, it literally made my day. It is this way that we realize that we really aren’t all that different from each other, really. I appreciate you today. Take care, love. – Tonyha

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