DangerGirl’s Favorite Things- 2019 Edition

When the Dog Bites
When the Bee Stings
When I’m Feeling Saaaaaaaad
I Simply Remember My Favorite Things…….

Then I Don’t Feeeeeeeeel, sooooooo Baaaaaaad.

Ahem.  I will wait for you to finish the song on your own.  🙂

So I figured if Oprah can do it, so can I.

The thing is, Oprah puts her list out at the holidays, so that you can find fabulous gifts for your loved ones.

I am putting my annual list of favorite things out in January, because these favorite things are not for gifts for others, but gifts for yourself (or gifts for me).

And I have such interesting favorite things.

All of my favorite things are fancy.  Fancy as in, if you click on colored words (read link) in the paragraphs about each individual item , a window will open to a new website where you could buy them for yourself (as applicable), if you want, without losing my blog window.

I told you.  Fancy.

In no particular order, I present to you,


Feisty Pets- Sir Growls A-Lot

Oh how I love him.  I lost him last year in a last minute steal during a white elephant gift exchange.  But, I got him for Christmas this year from Santa.  There is nothing better than this sweet, lovable Teddy Bear, until you squeeze his cute cheeks and he turns into a bear that no doubt will bite your finger off if you stick it in his mouth.

Disclaimer:  He won’t bite your finger off.  His upper jaw retracts if challenged by a foreign object.  Disappointing I know, but I imagine the toy people had to do that for safety purposes.

Anyway, there’s a bunch of them (dog, goat, seal, unicorn, etc), and they retail for just $19.99.  Click here and be magically linked to Amazon, where you can buy one for yourself.

Old Navy Jogging Pants (for Women)

I must reiterate that these are women’s pants.  I’m sure they have a men’s version too.  These are a lightweight jogging pant, with cinched ankles (a must for me), good, strong, anchored tie at the waist (so that there’s no losing your string inside the pants or inside the dryer).  AND they have three pockets, two regular side pockets and one rear pocket.

They come in the standard range of sizes (S,M,L,XL,XXL), but also in short, regular and tall.  I have never had a pair of sweatpants that were flattering like yoga pants, but not completely revealing like leggings.  I have washed mine twice already and they will not shrink.  They are that good.

My Rooster keeps telling me they look like baseball pants, they don’t feel like baseball pants.  I think he just says that because of the back pocket.

You can probably even wear them jogging, or to the gym.  I wear them just as pants around the house and to WalMart and stuff.

Their website is currently listing them for $25.00 a pair, which I would gladly pay, but when I got mine, they were $13.00.  Old Navy always has sales and coupon codes, so be smart about your money, there’s no reason to pay full price.  🙂

Click here to link to Old Navy and pick up a pair.


Yep, that’s what I call it, a chopper.  It’s basically an olden day food processor, except it takes up less room in the drawer.  Just watch out for your fingers, because man it is sharp.  It makes quick business of lettuce and just about any other veggie that needs to be chopped small, and not necessarily have “Food Network” knife cuts.  The best thing about it is that it does the job, and doesn’t have the clean up or space requirements of a food processor.

Everything I find online is not this easy and streamlined of a product.  I got mine from my Mom, many moon’s ago.  While I highly endorse this item, I cannot tell you where to get one.

May the luck of the Irish be with you in your search.

 Yves Saint Laurent- Black Opium

I’m usually not much of a perfume girl.  I literally have been sporting Calgon’s Hawaiian Ginger Body Spray for a decade or more, and I still think that it smells incredible.  I carry a bottle of it in my Jeep for whenever I need it.

That being said, this year’s Black Friday Ads for Macy’s came equipped with a few perfume sample cards.  I fell in love with the smell of Black Opium.

It’s spendy and grown up, it hearkens me back to the days of yore when I was a teenager and fancied “Poison”.  It smells very similar.

Click here to purchase Black Opium.  Beware that it is $124.00, but the bottle is engraveable, so that’s something right?

Wait a minute……. I don’t want you all smelling like me, so I withdraw my endorsement.

It’s stinky, you don’t want it.

SmartyPants Vitamins

How could I not love a vitamin that bears my nickname.  Ahem, my other nickname 🙂

They are reasonably priced as far as lady gummy vitamins go and they have some serious bonus qualifiers.  Each batch is 3rd party tested for quality control.  They contain Omega-3’s, plenty of B vitamins and the elusive full dose of D-3.  Also, they are quite delicious, not chewy and chemically like some other’s I might mention (NatureMade, One-A-Day).  The only drawback I see is that a daily dose is six gummies.


Really.  It’s a lot, but I just pretend I’m having candy for breakfast on the way to work.

Click here to purchase them from Amazon.  You can tell them I sent you, but it won’t do any good.  🙂

You can buy them everywhere, but I suggest Costco.

Lil Joe Air Fresheners

For the car.  They are super cute, only the white one smells good (to me anyway).  They stick in the vent and literally last the entire 45 days that they claim to.  I have only seen them at O’Reilly Auto Parts and a few select Ace Hardware stores.

My current goal with the Lil Joe’s is to line them up across all of my vents in my Jeep.

And no, I don’t add a new one until the old one is “used up”, what am I, some kind of stinky car aficionado?

I currently have three posted up in the vents, soon to be four, and I love them.

I have six more in my glove box, waiting their turn, courtesy of my Christmas stocking.

Yes, I realize I’m a bit of a freak.

Click here to purchase a bunch of them from Amazon.

I have just learned today that there is a lady version called “Lil Joya”, which may now be my new favorite.  There’s also a dog called “Lil Pup”.


Any list of my favorite things would be remiss without a mention of my very favorite store ever.  HomeGoods is the ultimate lady store.  Do you need a gift for absolutely anyone in your life?  Go to HomeGoods.

Do you need throw pillows, towels, blankets, seasonal decor, anything cookware or baking, something for your pet (perhaps a toy or dog bed), children’s toys and decor, collectibles, fancy soaps, stuff for decorating your office, lamps, pictures, frames, bathroom stuff, the best smelly candles?

You will find it at HomeGoods, and when you do, buy it now, because they turn over the entire inventory every week.  If you see it once, you won’t see it again.

Their prices are more than reasonable.

Given the above, they do not sell merchandise online.  If you click here, the link will take you to their store locator tool.  I absolutely recommend you visit there often.

We Custom Stuff- Etsy

They make the cutest stuff with your photos on it.  They are great communicators, I emailed back and forth with them quite a bit.  Their product is a little expensive for what it is, but let me tell you, the quality is incredible.

This Christmas we ordered some Custom Socks for Chickenhawk (my Rooster’s Dad -duh), and they turned out great.  I’m looking forward to ordering my Rooster some Valentines boxer shorts.  Ssshhhhhh, don’t tell him.

Click here to patronize their Etsy shop.


Some of you remember Christmas of 2017, when my Rooster and I were tragically apart for the holiday.  I salvaged my feelings by ordering us each a Big Head of one another, so that we would be together no matter what.

These are often featured on Groupon for $5.00 each, what a steal they are, so check there first.  They are still super fun to play with and have survived over a year.

They are made of durable cardboard, have a glossy finish, come with a stick for easy handling and waving hither and thither.

Even though I sent them cell phone questionable-quality photos to use, neither of them look pixelated and I dare say that they applied a filter or two to make us look just a bit better than normal.

I think you will find that there is an occasion in your upcoming life that you will need a big head of someone, or even get one of yourself, to send along to an event you are unable to attend.

Click here to go to the Build A Head website, order one, order 100, they will send them out so quick your head will spin…..  Your actual head, or the one on the stick?  It’s up to you.  🙂

My Rooster!

He is not for sale, don’t even try it.  He is one of my favorite things though.  I love him all the days.


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