About My Blog

To be blatantly honest.  I have been meaning to start a blog for some time.  I stalk blogs.  Mostly medical ones, because I’m sick like that, I like drama.  Drama to read, not drama to live and deal with.  By the way, I’m not sick for real, just in the head. Some blogs I just read for recipes and nice pictures. Anyway, I just think that maybe people want to read about what I have to say and see my adventures.

So many fish
Salmon fishing on the Nisqually River

This blog is  about my life, kind of an online journal, but with stories and opinions, and useful information.  I rock like that.  I will be talking about Motorcycles, Seafood Killing, Cooking and Recipes, Jeeping, Gardening and Plants, Trips We Take, Life in General and of course…… the Craziness.  The Craziness that I live for and love, which is a good thing, because it follows me around.

Welcome to my blog!